Intaglio Antique Prints and Maps


As a kid, what was more fun than a good old-fashioned treasure hunt? What excitement to traipse through your backyard, maybe your entire neighborhood, all in accordance with that mysterious treasure map that somehow found its way into your possession.

With last season’s debut of Intaglio Antique Prints and Maps, Bryant Park now boasts its very own collection of treasure maps, though probably not of your backyard. Cooly complimenting both contemporary and classic aesthetics, Intaglio’s expansive cache of maps date back to the 18th century, and every wrinkle, tear, and mark reveal clues of a fascinating history.

Curating cartography not your thing? Intaglio also offers old-school prints that will make your vintage decor even groovier or will compliment your modern style with a softer edge.

Yearning for a bit of exploration? Your search is over — X marks the spot at Intaglio Antique Prints and Maps.