Panini, pasta, pizza, burgers -- is there any food that mozzarella cheese doesn’t seriously improve just by showing up?

But if find yourself all pizza-ed and panini-ed out this winter, head to TopArepa and try an all new cheese vehicle: the mozarepa! These unique snacks combine Venezuelan and Italian flavors to highlight mozzarella in its utmost glory, featuring a slab of hot, creamy mozz sandwiched between two grilled cornmeal cakes, for a bite that’s scrumptiously salty-sweet. Customize your mozarepa with a choice of savory toppings like pesto, mushrooms and -- yes, more cheese -- feta, or make it a dessert deal with fruit and Nutella.

Feel free to sing out the praises for these mozzarella marvels, unless, of course, your mouth is still full -- an all too common occurrence at TopArepa.